7 Best Rock Ballads of All Times

There are a lot of genres of music: calm pop, relaxing country, an attractive classic and, of course, rock. For a relatively short period of its existence, rock musicians created a real “army” of cult songs that you can listen again and again. There is a list of 7 best rock ballads of all time.

1. Deep Purple – Smoke on The Water

If you haven’t heard “Smoke on the water”, then most likely, you are an alien. The song is known for its well-recognized riff, created during one of Blackmore’s improvisations. The song is based on real events: during the jazz festival in Montreux one of the fans fired a rocket launcher into the ceiling of the casino where the festival took place. It provoked a fire, which burned the building to ashes. The smoke drifted low over Lake Geneva and the band saw it from their hotel suit.

2. Eagles — Hotel California

Classic rock with its indescribable sound, profound lyrics and heartbreaking two-minute solo – all these is “Hotel California”. The song topped the American rock charts five times and won the Grammy as the best song of 1978. Following the idea of the song, Hollywood is a luxury hotel that first welcomes guests, and then traps them. This is the only song of the band and one of the few rock ballads where musicians use double-neck guitar.

3. The Rolling Stones — (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction

These British rockers lacked only one song to the absolute popularity. “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction” is often called a breakthrough in the development of modern rock. At that time the Beatles dominated onstage playing lighthearted music for dancing, and the audience, aspiring for more “heavy” sound, enthusiastically embraced the new hit. Then the Beatles had decent competitors, and rock music fans – a real choice.

4. Nirvana — Smells Like Teen Spirit

The debut album “Bleach” of the iconic band brought musicians $3000. At that time, no one could think how popular the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit” would be. The idea of the song came to Kurt, when his friend, who was terribly bored with the smell of his girlfriend’s perfume, wrote on the wall of his house “Kurt smells like teen spirit”. He didn’t even suspect what she meant, so he

perceived the phrase as cult-favourite. The song became the most famous grunge composition, brought fame and crowds of fans to its author, whom journalists called the “voice of generation X”.

5. AC/DC — Highway to Hell

Once Angus was asked about the guesting, and he replied: “It’s the road to hell.” The name “Highway to Hell” has given rise to numerous rumors about the meaning of the song. The group was showered with accusations of satanism, based on several lines of lyrics and photo of Angus Yang on the album cover, on which he is depicted with a tail and horns. The participants of the group AC/DC categorically disagreed with such interpretation, and Malcolm Young even declared: “My mother would have killed me for it!”. The self-titled album was the last work of the band recorded with the participation of Bonn Scott.

6. Queen — We Will Rock You

This song is an example of what is not necessary to rumble all the instruments simultaneously, as to create a hit song. Two stamps of the foot and one handclap – perhaps this song can be learned even by novice musicians. This accompaniment starts the composition and lasts to the very end (not taking into account the solo). Add the unique vocal of Freddie and voila – the hit for all time is ready.

7. Queen — Bohemian Rhapsody

Many consider this ballad the most talented creation of Freddie Mercury and the Queen. Unusual in all respects, the song is one of the most mysterious throughout the development of rock. The song has an extraordinary musical form. It can be divided into six parts different in style that represent separate musical directions: opera and ballad, a cappella and heavy metal. For more than a decade, critics have admired this incredibly harmonious combination of genres, and music lovers try to unravel the meaning of the lyrics.

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