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Creative Overseas Business

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Creative Overseas Business

Having your own business is a solution for you who are bored being an employee. But being an entrepreneur is not that easy. The competition out there is getting hard, so that you should not offer something ordinary. For you who are looking for references, you can check these creative and unique overseas business.

Rent Lover

There are many people who are single nowadays. Whether it is because they do not find a suitable partner yet, or do not want to have a relationship yet. Because of this phenomenon, rent lover business pops up. People who are single are able to rent a lover with hours count, and with determined cost. Usually, this kind of business is in high demand when there are many weddings or graduations.

Rent Chicken

This kind of business aims to accommodate people who want to try raising chickens. Whether they want to raise chickens for commercial, or just want to have the eggs for breakfast. By renting chickens, they are able to return the chickens once they are getting bored. Moreover, when rain season comes and there is bird flu, you can also return them.

You are able to get a pair of hen and cock, chicken coop, and a guidance to nurture by paying cost which is already determined. This business of rent chicken has already developed in 17 states in the United States of America.

Hangover Helpers

The work of hangover helpers is helping those who are heavily drunk. People who party, get drunk, and is not able to take care of themselves, can call for a help from hangover helpers. They will come to your home with healthy breakfast which is able to help you to sober. They will also clean the house. In short, they are responsible in taking care of drunk people until they are able to take care of themselves. This kind of business is even mentioned in Forbes magazine.

I Do, Now I Don’t

This kind of business is selling second hand engagement ring or wedding ring. This business is inspired by the case when people are failed to get married or cancel their engagement which is usually happened abroad. The second hand engagement ring or wedding ring is sold cheaper. So that people are able to buy engagement ring or wedding ring from this marketplace or selling their secondhand rings. Seems that money can be gotten in the middle of sadness because of this business.

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