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Successful Unique Business Ideas

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Successful Unique Business Ideas

As it is getting more competitive in business industry, a startup business should not only following the recent trend. It is because that kind of business will fade along with the changing trend. The most important thing to make a business last for a long time is, the product offered needs to be something that gives solution to people. Just like these successful overseas business.

Bicycle Coffee

In several countries, consuming coffee is included in daily activity. So that people there need to buy coffee anytime and anywhere. That is why there is a business called bicycle coffee. This kind of business has a concept of selling coffee both sending roasting seeds and selling steeped coffee. Bicycle coffee makes it easy for people having their coffee anytime and everywhere since it is always mobile. This business is famous in Los Angeles, Tokyo, Oakland, and San Francisco.

Backup Socks

Have you ever experienced losing another sock when you want to wear it? This kind of business pops up based on that case. Backup socks is a retail which sells socks. But unlike most, if you buy socks you usually get 2 pieces of socks, in backup socks you will get 3 pieces of socks with the same model. So that if there is a time you suddenly lose another sock, you are able to wear the backup socks. The product is sold for about $10.

Click & Grow

Click & Grow provides an indoor tiny plant which grows vegetable. This tiny plant contains a smart capsule which contains seeds, fertilizer, and certain soil according to the type of plants. The treatment is really easy. You just need to fill the water once and connect it to the electricity. This plant will grow by itself in 20 days.

For one prototype, this artificial plant is priced for US$299. This kind of business is based on the United States of America and already sold more than 250 thousands prototypes to all over the world.

Anger Room

Anger room rent a room which is filled with various stuff such as bottles, dishes, computers, glasses, and even typewriter. In time given, the tenant will be given a ‘gun’ in order to crash all of the stuff in the room to relieve their angers. Moreover, so that the tenant does not get hurt, they will be given full safety clothes, helmet, and glasses. This business is successful in countries with high rank of stress.

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