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The Benefits of Messenger Platform Update for Online Businesses

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The Benefits of Messenger Platform Update for Online Businesses

Facebook is trying to support online business by updating its platform regularly. The latest update is Messenger Platform 2.4. The platform is coming with several update features to make business activity easier and better than before. For example, Messenger Platform is updating the customer chat plugin. By using this new chat plugin business owners are able to integrate Messenger to their official website. As the result, customers can easily connect to the seller although they are visiting the official website. Moreover, there will be several new customization options on the Messenger. Those customization options help online business owners to control whether they want to show or hide their plugin and dialog. Sellers can serve and welcome their customers well with more dynamic greeting text.

Sender action is also a new feature which you can see on your Messenger. This feature shows to you what the customers do such as seeing whether they are typing a message or have read your message or not. One more feature is user data quick replies in which it helps to gain important data from the customers if it is necessary including their phone numbers. Business owners also get more benefits from the update broadcast API. Just imagine how tired if you have to send business information or promotion one by one to your customers. That’s why Messenger is using the latest broadcast API which allows business owners to share information or promotion to multiple subscribers or customers. On the other hand, users can choose the topic that they interest on. Next, they will get broadcast only from the topic they have chosen before. It prevents unwanted information or scam because to many broadcast comes to your Messenger. Business owners also get more targeted customers because they only share their information to the one who want it.

Messenger is also coming with new label feature in which you can use specific word such as AND, OR, and NOT while creating a broadcast. The new label predicate helps you to grab more customers who like to different things. Let say, you can send a broadcast to customers who love clothes and pants at once. Messenger is also trying to solve scheduling issue in which business owners tend to forget to do something because they are too busy to do many things. By using scheduling feature, business owners can set the schedule such as broadcast schedule so they can keep contact with customers automatically.

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