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These Business Trends Will Make You Success in 2019

2018 has its own interesting story for business and it was a completely good year for business. If you want to continue your success in running business this year, these are some trends which can inspire you to be applied in the business.

The popular “Artificial Intelligence”

AI was so popular in 2018 especially during Pokemon game release. Even though, this technology is not a new thing in 2019 but its impact can be felt more significantly in the business. There were researches finding that AI technology used for many activities such as in schedule and paperwork making. Nowadays, many big companies such as Google, Spotify, and Microsoft apply AI in the game so it makes observers to speculate it could make the business less personalized. In fact, AI has ability to strengthen human interaction by removing routine tasks as well as improve content delivery for customer into more personalized level. The removal of routine tasks allow for more creative and personalized things which make customers interest.

Interaction through live social media

Not really different with AI, social media is also a new thing. However, this platform changes a lot when it comes into helping you to get customers. Having many social media accounts to approach customers actually is not enough. Instead, you need to make community and make the members available in using live and interactive content which help them to be easier in making long-term loyalty brand. When you use social media for business visual content is completely higher to be shared compared with other contents. Social media platform is more flexible so that you do not require to always post serious content. Something casual which is associated with daily life is more interactive and allows people to engage into your brand easily.

Deeper social learning

In social learning, you will learn in peer social interaction through observing, asking questions, and sharing knowledge. Social learning offers them which make it really popular. Social learning can be carried out in many ways such as informal meeting, team working, problem solving, and expertise directory. It is just a beginning step. Some companies facilitate social learning through conferences, summit, and seminars. Those come with purpose to benefit social platform as networking tool. This deep learning type also provides opportunity for you to look for the new trends in the industry and which one that suit the best to be applied in your business.

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