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The Game that Change the Game Business Face

Game Business Industry

The Game that Change the Game Business Face

These days, Fortnite has become the hottest topic, not only in the gaming circle but also in the business community. This game has successfully changed the video game business. The innovation game-play, as well as the feature from this game, turns into the source of big profit. According to Joost Van Dreunen from SuperData, the developer of this game, Epic Games, received around $223 million profit from in-game purchases feature, and this profit is only March profit.

According to Jefferies, an analyst from Tim O’Shea, Epic Games value as a company is also increased to $4.5 billion. The success of Fortnite also makes the Epic Games competitor, such as Activision Blizzard or Take-Two Interactive, lost billions of Dollars from their market value because more investor is interested to the Fortnite than the game product from those two big names in the game industry.

The success of Fortnite is the unique marketing concept as well as the profit-making feature inside the game. The marketing method holds the bigger part in Fortnite’s success. This game is free to play! Therefore, it is more interesting than the game from Activision Blizzard or other company, where gamer needs to pay before they can play it.

The consumer of Fortnite isn’t limited by the age. This game can be played by anyone. More than that, the amount of money that these gamers spend is also magnificent. For example, Jett Sacher, a 13 years old boy spend around $60 just to buy a costume to dress up his character in Fortnite. The ability of Fortnite to attract its player to spend more money is the reason why many investors turn their eyes to this game and Epic Games as its developer.

Fortnite itself is a game where a player must face other 100 players in survival battle game. This genre is also well-known as the Battle Royale game. The player will land on an island and try to find a weapon to kill other players. The last standing player is the winner of this game. Of course, to be able to survive, the player needs to have better equipment, protection, weapon, and item. This is where the in-game purchase feature becomes the best feature for Epic Games to get more profit from their product.

When we said Fortnite has changed the video game business, that’s completely true. The achievement of this game has shaken the comfortable place that those big game developers have before. Now, they have to make innovation, so their product can compete and even survive in today’s game market competition.

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