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Amid ICO Market Turbulence


Amid ICO Market Turbulence, Crypto Sale Reaches $25M

Another company has made successful Crypto Sale during the last few days. This time, it is the turn of BCT, a company based in New York that has been developing tools and services using the Blockchain technology for financial services sector. This great news stated by CG Blockchain as its affiliate. The recently closed online public sale has been sold its utility token known as BCT ERC20 compliant with total number of sale of $25 million. BCT had still made this successful record despite the recent turbulence in the initial offering.

According to the further official statement, the purchasers of the tokens come from 42 different countries with blend of backgrounds. Some are old players in cryptocurrency while the rest are new players. Following the successful ICO, the BCT expects this success as a new strategic movement toward relationship and partnership with the CG Blockchain in order to provide execution management and trade order.

BCT itself offers third party application tools used by institutional traders including wealth management enterprises and hedge funds to trade cryptocurrency using the existing Blockchain terminal. The terminal has been being a single yet integrated interface for the users to trade cryptocurrency across various cryptocurrency exchanges. Added by Columbia University alumnus regarding the developments made in the firm relationship that the Blockchain Terminal itself has finally hit milestones shown on its growth of over 90 exchanges.

As for the main goal, it is to offer first complete view within single order book of crypto marketplace. And the companies also empower their clients with trade ability across major exchanges without having to sacrifice the execution ability.

ComplianceGuard is one of the third party apps that are specially designed for Blockchain Terminal. This app is said to be the first software that monitors the traders’ desktop and write all transactions allowing the rendering of transaction record to be immutable to private blockchain.

Today, both ComplianceGuard and Blockchain Terminal are in development with total asset under management of $1.8 billion. To incorporate being in the top 200 of top exchanges in the world is the long term goal. To achieve this, new feature is offered known as the User Interface and User Experience. Both are easy to navigate even easier compared to other platform. Further developments in the near future include testing the additional Terminal features.

As for now, there are two main tokens used as utility token, the BCT token and secondary ERC20 compliant token. These two token provide incentives and secure integrity allowing the correct functioning of the platform.

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