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Japan and China Agreed to Avoid the Business and Trade War


Japan and China Agreed to Avoid the Business and Trade War

Japan and China agreed that trade ‘war’ will give serious consequences toward global economy condition. It was stated by the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Taro Kono, after the high-level economic dialog between those two economy powers.

The worried tend to be increased about the trade war between US and China as two of them were expected to apply certain tariff. Meanwhile, Japan also has been critisized by US President, Donald Trump for trading tariff for steel and aluminum. However, that critic is still not responded by Japan by applying particular tariff for US as the back clapping.

Kono added that Japan has understood that trade war, no matter with which country is able to give a very big impact for the general wealth of international economy. It was said after the first dialog between Japan and China in the last seven years.

Kono and the Minister of Foreign Affairs of China were the chiefs in the meeting in Tokyo, yesterday. Wang is also the adviser to the country of China so that his presence in Japan was very important for the relationship improvements between both countries. it is also by remembering that Japan and China are two big powers and Asia but conflicts are often occurred between those two.

Trading issues will be an essential matter in the High Level Conference between the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe and US President, Donald Trump this week. Tokyo puts many efforts to avoid being included in the discussion of two-way free trade agreement that is not only aimed at marketing access but also monetary policy and currency.

There is still possibility that Japan will cooperate with China in the project of Belt and Road or the New Silk Path initiated by Beijing. Kono explains as it was quoted by Routers, “It is very possible if Japan will cooperate with China in many projects (Belt and Road) in the future, case per case, where international standard has been required”.

Belt and Road Initiative was launched by the President of China, Xi Jinping in 2013 to establish the modern Silk Path that will connect China through land and sea into Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Middle East, Europe, and Africa.

Wang Yi who lived in Japan twice as diplomat for eight years and as the ambassador for three years explained that the economic climate change gives a big opportunity for two countries including to improve their on-off relationship.

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