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Skype For Business – Best Platform For Tele-Conference Meeting


Skype For Business – Best Platform For Tele-Conference Meeting

Everything has been affected by the development of technology, this is inevitable. As we know, this thing has big impact on business because it will ease anything on it. Here, there is a platform that we can use in business effectively. It is Skype for Business. By using this platform, we can even have a tele-conference with clients or partnerts throughout the world.

Why should Skype for Business?

This platform has an affordable thing which can shorthen the distance. This means, we ca see other persons from a screen – whether LCD screen or other items – and talk with them. Another thing which makes this platform great is, we don’t need to spend big cost and a lost of video conference system. However, there are some features which can be used if we want to make a tele-conference meeting. Such as meeting notes, screen sharing, Microsoft Office applications, whiteboards, polls and surveys, and wbinar recordings.

Despite of the requirements we should meet, this platform still becomes a choice which offers great quality and also reliable service. The impact, Skype for Business will save more cost than other platforms. So, when your business is not a kind of big business, then you are suggested to use this platform.

Is there any feature that offered by Skype for Business?

Of course, there are some features which can be used when we make a tele-conference call. First, we are provided with App integration. Here, this feature provides us a complete integration with Microsoft Office applications. So, it will help us share and upload documents easily. Then, Audio Calling for ring other persons when they don’t know if the conference is began. Chat application, providing us a small bar on desktop which shows the status of users.

Easy-to-use interface, this thing will make people who haven’t used Skype get helped. This means, this platform is easy to use, especially for Skype users. Lobby, allowing us to interact with other persons before starting the meeting. Managing participants, the admin of tele-conference call is able to mute or even remove participants. Other features which are provided in Skype for Business are meeting recordings and notes, schedulling, and whiteboards.

How about the limitations?

Here, there are 3 limitations which should be aware. First, there is no dial in audio. This is the most significant weakness that makes us can’t receive the audio of dial from other persons. Yup, we don’t know if we are being called. Besides, there is a thing which should be done before using this platform. You need to follow some steps before making a meeting. But, the point is, Skype for Business is great platform.

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