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David Rockefeller’s Artwork Sales


The New Record by David Rockefeller’s Artwork Sales for USD 646 Million

The sale of private art collection from the late billionaire David Rockefeller broke the records of more than USD 646 million in the opening night this week. the sale includes some high end paintings by Pablo Picasso and  fountain series by Monet that were sold out for USD 115 million and USD 84.7 million respectively. Those are indeed the highest values for those famous artists. As there are still two remaining days, this event is predicted to be the sale with highest values for art collection by a single owner. The event has been conducted in Christie’s Sale House in New York.

Jessica Fertig from Christie’s told CBS News that they have broken the records for all collection sales. It is actually reasonable by remembering how big influences of Rockefeller. Rockefeller was the last generation of famous US family as well as the grandson of the Co-Founder of Standard Oil, John D. Rockefeller. He was passed away last year in 101 years old.

So, how is the description of the most expensive collections sold out? Picasso’s painting describes a nude girl under the title of “Fillette a la corbeille fleurie”. The painting was made when this Rose-period artist was still relatively unknown and poor. Picasso was living in Montmartre District, Paris, at that time.

According to Christie’s, the girl on the painting was a teenager from Place du Tertre who offered roses as well as her body on the suburbs of Moulin Rouge. An anonymous buyer bought the painting in 1905 with USD 115 million from an author namely Gertrude Stein.

Besides the Picasso’s painting as the most expensive artwork sold in that sale, there was also “Nympheas en fleur” by Claude Monet, sold out in USD 81.7 million. It has broken the record of 2016’s sale for USD 81.4 million for the same painting.

Rockefeller and his wife, Peggy, had many art collections in the form of paintings, statues, furniture, ceramics, and decorations for the rest of their life. The couple was considered as the symbol of New York’s citizens. The art expert, Neal Meltzer, Rockefeller was a name for richness and wealth. Even other big names were still related to this family. It is not surprising if during the sale, the number of artworks offered was even more than 1,500 only from Rockefeller.

The sale was also named as a-century sale. Many other artworks were offered there including the silver salt dispenser, pepper mixer, and a set of desert tableware brought by Napoleon when he was exiled in Elba Island.

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