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Apple’s Finance Performance


The Success of Apple’s Finance Performance to Overthrow Analysts’ Projection

Apple was not denied the prediction related to the decreasing of its financial performance. The iPhone sale was indeed projected to be lowered whereas this product is claimed to obtain more income to this company.

However, it seems that this company has been successful to keep their financial system good. The company with apple logo has noted the improvement of income for the second quarter of 2018. Apple even scheduled to execute some stock buybacks for around USD 100 billion. On the report, Apple took a note income for around USD 61.1 billion on 31 March, 2018. It was 16 percent higher compared to the performance on the same quarter fiscal in 2017 which was around USD 52.9 million. This number was above the projection of Wall Street for around USD 60.8 billion as it was quoted by Reuters.

As a result, Apple stock has been increased into USD 175.49 per sheet. The increasing was for 3.8 percent on the closing of Tuesday’s trading. CEO Apple, Tim Cook, stated that they were happy to report their best quarter all the time. It was with the strong improvement of income from iPhone, services, and products.

There was also another prediction regarding the sale limitation of iPhone X. It is because of the lowest price is only USD 1,000. However, this prediction was also denied by Cook. According to Cook, the sales of iPhone X currently were still higher than the sales of other iPhone variants. It was survived in the same condition after the launching in December, 2017.

On the same report, international trade was another big support for Apple’s income in that quarter. They have increased the income from all geographic segments. The improvement was even more than 20 percent in China and Japan.

CFO Apple, Luca Maestri mentioned each sheet of Apple stock was successful to gain profits more than 30% from the financial performance until March, 2018. Maestri added that this company has produced the operational of cash stream for more than USD 15 billion. For this fact, Apple is still optimist in order to plan the investment in US. Optimism is also for the strengthening of company’s capital structure. The planning will be scheduled as soon as possible although the market’s dynamics is still being the main consideration.

The analysts praised the Apple’s income improvement and survival particularly from the business view. Now, the service unit of Apple supports income for more than USD 9.2 billion, 31 percent higher than what it gave last year.

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